Roof of the Adam tower

Since May 2016,  is The A’DAM LOOKOUT the new iconic viewing point in Amsterdam and famous from the moment it’s doors were opened. The tall tower, formerly known as ‘The Shell tower’, offers in addition to fantastic views also many different indoor activities.

The A’DAM LOOKOUT is a real ‘must visit’ in Amsterdam, just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the London Eye in London. At the A’DAM LOOKOUT you will get the best view of Amsterdam. In this 100m high tower you can discover everything you did not know about Amsterdam, with a breathtaking view and some food and drinks of course. The lookout tower offers a spectacular 360º view of Amsterdam that spans the historic city center, the port area and the polders to the north. While visiting the A’DAM LOOKOUT, you will also receive a free digital picture of you visiting the A’DAM LOOKOUT.

The experience

Within 22 seconds you reach the top of the tower, and don’t think that the A’DAM LOOKOUT will give you even one dull moment. In the elevator you will see an impressive light show so you’ll be at the top in no time! On the 20th floor is the panorama restaurant where you can enjoy a great view over Amsterdam while enjoying a snack and drink. On the 22nd floor, the roof of the A’DAM LOOKOUT, the real view awaits you. Here in the open air and is a breathtaking view over all corners of Amsterdam, the harbors of Amsterdam Noord, the busy city, canals and the unique polder landscape. And don’t worry there is also a rooftop bar available at the skydeck!

For the daredevils among us

Not exited enough? The A’DAM LOOKOUT offers Europe’s highest swing ‘Over the Edge’. Daredevils and thrillseekers will swing 100 meters high, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam literally under your feet. Here you can enjoy the unrivalled view over our capital city while the adrenaline flows through your body. Apart from the A’DAM LOOKOUT entrance ticket, you also need a separate ticket for the Over the Edge swing. A swing ride will cost you only €5 and is available at the box office and on the roof at entrance of the swing.

The tickets

Well, we hope you have a good insight about the A’DAM LOOKOUT and the experience you will get there. Are you ready to go up the A’DAM LOOKOUT? If so, you can buy all your tickets here and experience the breathtaking view of the A’DAM LOOKOUT.

The best time to visit the tower is before noon and after six o’clock in the evening. Before noon will give you a sight of Amsterdam where everybody will slowly go to work and give you a clear view. And after six o’clock in the evening will show you the beautiful lights and the sunset of Amsterdam from above.

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