Theme Year 2019: 350 Years Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age Celebrate Rembrandt’s life and the extraordinary century in which he lived in museums throughout Holland with theme year Rembrandt and the Golden Age.  Rembrandt lived and painted in a special time in the seventeenth century better known as the Dutch Golden Age. In 2019

It can be quite difficult to decide what to do in Amsterdam by night. You have lots of options but on the same time lots of things end around 7pm. Let me introduce you to The Amsterdam Magic show. This amazing show is located in the city centre of Amsterdam on the Rozengracht. Here you

In October 2017 THIS IS HOLLAND opened it’s doors as the new attraction in Amsterdam North. This is the place to be to see everything in Holland in just 1 hour. It’s located in Amsterdam North next to the EYE Movie Museum and behind the A’dam Lookout.  At THIS IS HOLLAND you will really experience

Since May 2016,  is The A’DAM LOOKOUT the new iconic viewing point in Amsterdam and famous from the moment it’s doors were opened. The tall tower, formerly known as ‘The Shell tower’, offers in addition to fantastic views also many different indoor activities. The A’DAM LOOKOUT is a real ‘must visit’ in Amsterdam, just like

It always feels like the winter is over when December has past, and all the new years drinks are over. But now in Holland we still have some colds months left! February, and a lot of times even March are cold months in the Netherlands. Nowadays, in Holland there is no low season when it

The Winter Festival of Amsterdam Amsterdam Light Festival puts Amsterdam in the spotlights during the dark winter months. In December and January, the city sparkles with many light art installations. National and international artists have created unique works of art, most of which were made specifically for Amsterdam Light Festival. The canals of Amsterdam form

Autumn in Holland: the best tips! This week it got really clear in Holland: the summer is over and we have to prepare for the fall. Which is actually not that horrible, for autumn means beautiful colors, great food and a unique ambiance! First; There is nothing better than enjoying a Dutch beer, like a

Top 5 not to miss in Holland this summer! The Netherlands has always been a popular destination for visitors in the summer, and the summer of 2017 proves that again! Even though the weather has not been too kind on our little country this summer, there are still so many reasons to visit Holland, for

Looking for windmills, clogs or cheese?  We joined the new Hop on Hop off tour to the countryside of Amsterdam and saw it all! This summer a new Hop on Hop off tour introduced itself in Amsterdam; the Hop on Hop off: Cheese, Windmills and Dutch Villages. This tour starts in Amsterdam at the A’DAM

It’s a Kind of Magic … Would you like to see a magic trick? Well, because our team is in for anything, we didn’t say no. But genuinely the image of magicians is not really sexy or appealing. An old guy comes to mind, who’s wearing white gloves and will attempt to pull a rabbit