5 Great ways to spend your Pentecost weekend in Holland!
Weekend Hollland

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost, in Christianity this means the remembrance of the Holy Spirit. In Holland it also means we have the Monday off! Time to brainstorm about some fun things to do during Pentecost weekend. We put together five of our favorite activities for a long weekend in Holland!

  1. A cruise over the Maas in Maastricht –Yes, the weather forecast is positive and for a long weekend Maastricht is definitely a good destination. The old city in the deep south of the country has many beautiful squares and old churches. While you’re there, a river cruise over the Maas is very enjoyable and fun. You’ll have a wonderful view and the departure of the cruise is close to the center!
  2. Scheveningen & Panorama Mesdag – It is typical Dutch to hurry your way to the beach as soon as there is even the slightest bit of sunshine, so this weekend is no exception. And on your way to the beach of Scheveningen, next to the Hague, make sure to visit the Panorama Mesdag as well. This unique canvas is so big and well exhibited, that it is like you’re on the beach in the nineteenth century! With the Panorama Mesdag and your visit to the beach of Scheveningen, you will have the perfect combination of culture and outdoor activity.
  3. The gardens of the Rijksmuseum – The Keukenhof period of 2017 has just ended. It was a beautiful year and so many people have enjoyed the flowers. Now, some people missed Keukenhof this year. But this does not mean that the tulips are gone throughout the country! The gardeners of the Rijksmuseum have carefully planted the most beautiful flowers in the new garden, which is a real asset to the museum. After a long visit to the indoor museum it is the best location to sit on a bench and talk about all the beautiful art you just saw.
  4. Ripley’s: Believe it or not! – This attraction is quite new in Amsterdam. Ripley’s is a well-known brand in the United States and England as well, but the Dutch usually never heard of it before. All the more reason to visit this “Odditorium” on Dam Square and see what the Dutch take on the attraction is. Expect windmills made of the weirdest materials and much more, along with international favourites like the tallest man alive, the lizzardman and attributes from all over the world, collected by mister Ripley. And for this attraction we offer discount as well!
  5. Domtoren in Utrecht Utrecht is not as well-known as Amsterdam, but it is still worth a visit! Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, this city is also rich with canals, medieval buildings and houses. One of those pearls is the Dom Church, the crown in the heart of the city center. The best terraces of Utrecht are around this church. But if you really want to do something special: you can climb the Domtoren! There is always a guided tour and it tells you a lot more about the history of Utrecht than you would expect. Be aware: it is quite a climb, but the amazing view is so worth it!

Well, we hope we provided you with enough inspiration to get through the weekend with a full agenda! Are you not in Holland this weekend? No worries, of course you can do these activities the rest of the year as well.

See you in Holland!

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