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Magicians at the Amsterdam Magic Show Nightlife

It can be quite difficult to decide what to do in Amsterdam by night. You have lots of options but on the same time lots of things end around 7pm. Let me introduce you to The Amsterdam Magic show. This amazing show is located in the city centre of Amsterdam on the Rozengracht. Here you will find Boom Chicago.

By entrance you will be welcomed by a glass of bubbles (or an alternative). The show starts around 8pm but be on time because there is lots to do before the show even begins. There will be some magicians walking around to give you a taste of their magic as well! This is a really fun thing to witness before you see the actual show.

The show

The actual show is simply amazing. There is a team of magicians instead of just one and they will all make you say ‘wow’ at one point. The Amsterdam Magic show has a ensemble of magicians and illusionists from all across Europe. But each show is different and unique since they invite the best international acts to perform with them in the roaring 20’s era theatre.

During the show you will see tables float, solid steel melt with the power of the mind, peoples’ private thoughts revealed on stage by mind readers, hilarious card magic, and unique silent magic. Several professional stage acts will blow your mind, making a fascinating and diverse show of around 2 hours, including a short break. If you choose to come early for pre-show drinks/close-up magic (we really recommend) and stay later for the after-party, the whole evening is around 3-4 hours of non-stop entertainment!


Want to have a magical night at The Amsterdam Magic show as well? Klick on this link and you will see the ticket page. Almost like it’s something magical (or technical).

The next show on December 4th, 2018 is a real ‘must visit’. It will be The Amsterdam Magic Show Christmas special. The magicians will give you a magical evening!

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