A day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland. An amazing city with an abundance of museums and attractions. In addition to all the cultural activities, you can enjoy one of the many bars, café’s and restaurants. Almost all of them have a creative concept and are very uniquely styled. The city exists of roughly four neighbourhoods: North, East, South, West and Center.

Amsterdam North is known for its industrial look and spacious design. Here you will find creative initiatives, restaurants and Amsterdam’s newest tower with 360-degree panoramic view: A’dam Lookout. East is known as a multicultural district that has become more and more popular over the last few years. Typical for Amsterdam South are the expensive houses, restaurants and extravagant cars. South is where rich people spend their days. In West, you will find a lot of creative companies and a variety of markets. The city center is known to most people. Here you can find the large shoppingstreets of which the Kalverstraat is well-known. In the city center, you will also find the major museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

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The Skinny Bridge on the Amstel Amsterdam
Brouwersgracht Canal in Amsterdam with bikes
A nice lunch place in Amsterdam called Pluk

Cafés, restaurants and other amazing hotspots


When you are looking for a hip and stylish restaurant, lunchroom or coffee café, you have come to the right place! Due to of the vast amount of entrepreneurs, who opened their doors, this city offers a great variety of food venues. Think of Ethiopian, Japanese, French, Dutch or American food. In addition to the different styles of food, you can also pick your hotspot by dietary restriction. Are you a vegetarian? Then you have different options such as Bar James in the Javastraat, Betty’s in the Rijnstraat or De Bolhoed at the Prinsengracht. The later even offers vegan options in their menu.


Public transport

In Amsterdam you can make use of the tram, bus and subway in order to get around town. If you would like to make use of public transport, you need to have an OV-chipcard. This card allows you to check in and out at the entrance of the tram, bus or subway. Are you travelling within the historic center of the city, then the tram is the most effective way of transportation.
The OV-chipcard can be recharged with an amount of your choosing. This means that you can use the card as long as you wish. The OV-chip card is available at the GVB Ticket & Info office opposite Central station or at the tourist information desk.

Up-to-date travel information
For information on the quickest routes and possible delays, you can take a look at the 9292 website or download the app. The websites offers you the possibility of planning your door to door trip and provides alternative routes in case of delays.

Tram at Dam Square, Bijenkorf in the Background

Good to Know


In Amsterdam we use Euros (€). On the street Rokin you will find different currency exchange offices where you can exchange your foreign currency for Euros.

  Best time to visit

Amsterdam is most quiet during autumn and winter. Are you visiting in the summer? Just make sure that you plan your visits of the most popular attractions in the morning.


The Dutch prefix is +31. Make sure that this prefix is in front of the Dutch number that you are trying to reach.

  Time zone

When visiting Amsterdam you are in Central European Time (UTC +1).


In Amsterdam people speak Dutch. However, almost 90% of the Dutch also speak English.


At the start of 2019 Amsterdam counted 862.965 inhabitants, which makes it the largest city in Holland