3 – 5 hours

The most exciting time travel with the Steamtram and Boat

The locomotive whistles and the stoker throws coal on the fire! Ready to go? An adventurous journey through another time begins. Enjoy the adventure in the Historical Triangle between Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen with the Steamtram and Boat.

Travel with us

Between the historic Zuiderzee towns of Hoorn and Medemblik and v.v. the steam trams run from village to village across the countryside. Between Medemblik and Enkhuizen and v.v. the museum ship Friesland sails over the IJsselmeer. Take a day trip through this Historical Triangle and visit the museum site in Hoorn! At the atmospheric tram station you go 100 years back in time. Take a look at the signal box, the workshop and the exhibition.

LOCATIONVan Dedemstraat 8, Hoorn
✅  Entry steamboat✅  Entree steamtram
PUBLIC TRANSPORTFrom Hoorn Central Station it is walking distance
RESERVEAfter this booking you must make an additional reservation via the Museumsteamtram website. Then the booking will be provided with a date and it will be confirmed:
  1. You need to reserve via this link.
  2. Choose the number of vouchers and click on ‘Enter vouchers’.
  3. Enter your unique barcode(s) (of all your vouchers) and click redeem vouchers.
  4. After this you can choose the desired day trip and date. 100% discount is automatically granted at the checkout.
  5. After placing the order you will receive your e-tickets via e-mail.
  6. Note: the NS train is not included.

Extra Information

  • The train and boat are wheelchair accessible when the guest is able to enter the train independently and the wheelchair is collapsible. This involves four steps.

If you want to visit the Zuiderzee Museum, we always recommend this beautiful route. We do not sell the route itself, but for more information, you can visit the website.

  • The historic train takes you back in time and lets you travel in style.
  • Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik are three idyllic cities in the north of the Netherlands that offer you a wealth in historic buildings.

Streamtram and Boat
Museum Steamtram and boat
Museum steamtram and boat
Museum steamtram and boat

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4.00 based on 1 review
November 25, 2016

Super cosy these old trains. Felt like I was in an old movie!

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