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Middelburg & the Zeeuws Museum

Due to government measures, this museum will be temporarily closed until March 31.

Combine a day in Middelburg with a visit to the Zeeuws Museum. This historic city is a gem in the southwest of the Netherlands, with perfectly maintained shipyards, warehouses and museums. One of them is the Zeeuws Museum, with its varied exhibitions about fashion and regional dresses, history, archeology and natural history. In short, a perfect day out!

Middelburg and the Zeeuws Museum

Middelburg is the ideal city to follow the traces of the Golden Age in the Netherlands. The city is full of historic buildings and monuments. The cobblestone streets and narrow alleys have been preserved very well. Warehouses and a number of inspiring galleries invite to discover the history of Middelburg –  the largest trading city in the southwest of the Netherlands.
Middelburg was a busy international trading center in the Golden Age. It was located on the middle peninsula of Zeeland and was therefor an ideal location for the trade routes of the VOC (Dutch East India Company). Today this heritage can still be seen in the national monuments and historic buildings. The cultural institutions that emerged from the artistic and scientific developments in this prosperous time have also been preserved.

Golden Age in the Zeeuws Museum

The world-famous Zeeland tapestries are located in the Tapestry Room of the museum. These carpets tell the story of the Zeeland region in the Eighty Years War and the revolt against the Spaniards. Vlissingen was the first city of all “Dutch” regions that revolted in 1572. With the withdrawal of the Spanish troops from Zierikzee in 1576, the Spaniards were definitively expelled from the region of Zeeland. Long before the same happened in Holland.
In the fall of 1576, mutinous Spanish troops plundered Antwerp. For this reason many wealthy people from Antwerp fled to the north, to Amsterdam and Middelburg, and helped to ensure great prosperity: the Golden Age was born. During the second part of the tour, the other rooms with the rich history of this period can be visited.

If you are interested in this museum you should also visit Dutch Custome Museum in Zeeland.

LOCATION Abdij (Plein), 4331 BK, Middelburg
OPENING TIMES Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00
✅Entry Museum ✅Access to various exhibitions
✅Children until 18 years free entrance ✅Museumcardholders free entrance
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Travel to station Middelburg. From the station it is a 10 minute walk to Zeeuws Museum
TICKET TYPE Printed ticket

 Extra Information

  • The museum is not open on 25 December en 1 January.
  • Acces for children up to 18 years is free.
  • Accessible for wheelchairs with a turning circle of a maximum of 1.5 meters. 2 wheelchairs can be borrowed in the museum. It is advisable to reserve in advance.
  • Zeeuws Museum organizes customized tours on request. You can indicate the subject of the tour yourself. Reserve via rondleidingen@zeeuwsmuseum.nl. For more information visit www.zeeuwsmuseum.nl
  • Combine a visit to Middelburg with the Zeeuws Museum
  • The Zeeuws Museum is located in the Medieval Abbey, located in the center of the city
  • Tapestry room with world famous Zeeland rugs
  • Special exhibition: This is Zeeland, a story of the Zeeland people through the centuries
  • Visit national monuments, historic buildings and enjoy the beautiful squares, cozy cafés with terraces and shops in Middelburg

Zeeuws Museum
Zeeuws Museum
Zeeuws Museum
Zeeuws Museum

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