Autumn in Holland: the best tips!
Amsterdam Canals and bicycles in autumn

This week it got really clear in Holland: the summer is over and we have to prepare for the fall. Which is actually not that horrible, for autumn means beautiful colors, great food and a unique ambiance!

There is nothing better than enjoying a Dutch beer, like a Heineken or an Amstel, with some beautiful Dutch cheese in a bar, while looking out the window and seeing the bad weather.  Just have a seat in a Dutch bar and be amazed by how Dutch people manage to ride their bicycle, even in the stormy weather!

During autumn we also celebrate cool events like Halloween, and we celebrate the opening of a brand new attraction in Amsterdam:

THIS IS HOLLAND: The Ultimate Flight Experience! So, we are not sad that summer is over, we are very happy to welcome the autumn!

The Amsterdam Canals: for the ultimate autumn view

My personal favorite season is autumn, because the Amsterdam Canal District is so stunningly beautiful when the trees turn orange. And, guess what: Orange is our favorite color!

Amsterdam Canals and bicycles in autumn

Do a bike tour on a sunny day and safe the best museums for the rainy days, in Holland the autumn can bring sunburns and wet feet sometimes on the same day!

Some tips in the Canal District of Amsterdam: Museum of the Canals, Bike Tour, Dutch Costume Museum.




Halloween: Holland is starting to embrace it!

Halloween is an American feast, but the Dutch are slowly starting to embrace it. In Utrecht for example, there are a lot of costume parties on the 31st of October. In Rotterdam, there will be a music festival which is called “The Dutch Doom Days”… Freaky! In Amsterdam, we have the House of Halloween right in the center at the Amsterdam Dungeon (where else). Also; the new attraction: Ripley’s: Believe it or not! is a recommended Halloween destination, for the oddities in this exhibition are very spooky!

New this Autumn: THIS IS HOLLAND, The Ultimate Flight Experience

We were keeping an eye at the round shaped building with the huge cranes, built next to the other new attraction in Amsterdam North; the A’DAM LOOKOUT. At last, it seems like the new attraction will open its doors before the end of 2017!

We are very excited to see that in Amsterdam there will be an attraction that actually shows all the highlights of Holland, from above! All Unesco listed sights in the Netherlands, there are 19(!), are exhibited in this attraction. Buckle up though, because it will really feel like you are flying like a bird in the Dutch sky, you can smell the tulips and feel the rain.

Book your Ultimate Flight Experience here and have a safe trip!

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