Année thématique 2019: 350 ans Rembrandt et l’âge d’or néerlandais Célébrez la vie de Rembrandt et le siècle extraordinaire dans lequel il a vécu dans les musées de toute la Hollande avec l’année à thème Rembrandt et l’âge d’or. Rembrandt vécut et peignit au XVIIe siècle à une époque particulière mieux connue sous le nom

The Winter Festival of Amsterdam Amsterdam Light Festival puts Amsterdam in the spotlights during the dark winter months. In December and January, the city sparkles with many light art installations. National and international artists have created unique works of art, most of which were made specifically for Amsterdam Light Festival. The canals of Amsterdam form

It’s a Kind of Magic … Would you like to see a magic trick? Well, because our team is in for anything, we didn’t say no. But genuinely the image of magicians is not really sexy or appealing. An old guy comes to mind, who’s wearing white gloves and will attempt to pull a rabbit