5 Times your best options in Holland during the cold!
Moco modern art Amsterdam Holland

It always feels like the winter is over when December has past, and all the new years drinks are over. But now in Holland we still have some colds months left! February, and a lot of times even March are cold months in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, in Holland there is no low season when it comes to visiting. People like to visit our cold little country throughout the entire year! But always when I see visitors struggling in the cold and in the rain during this time of year, I feel sad for them. That’s why we most a top 5 list of best places to be during these cold months in Holland!

Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

‘A Cold Beer, A Warm Welcome’ is the slogan of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, and that’s exactly what it is! In 2017 the Heineken Experience spent a lot of time expanding the tour and optimizing the location. This year, we will see even more of the history of Heineken and indeed, the welcome in the old brewery is so very warm! In this 1,5 hour tour you will not feel like it’s cold! The only place in this great attraction where you could feel the breeze, is in the stables. But the look of the Heineken horses will also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside 😊. Prebook your tickets online with a timeslot though, because the large queue outside is not that pleasant, and surely very cold!

Spido Harbour tour in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is getting more popular among visitors every year, and we get why! This industrial city was bombed during WWII, so not a lot of historic sceneries here, but all the more beautiful modern architecture! A part from that, Rotterdam has the largest harbor in Europe, and not before long it was the largest harbor in the entire world! The Boat of Spido are covered and heated, and the industrial harbor tour brings glamor and respect to the hardworking people. The cold weather makes it all the more special!

The Mauritshuis – Royal Cabinet of Paintings, in The Hague

The Hague is the royal city of Holland. Our king lives here and our parliament is housed here as well. Because The Hague is not as big as for instance Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the walking distances are smaller, which means less rain on your head and less wind in your coat! The Mauritshuis houses the royal collection of art, and it is stunning! Do you fancy Rembrandt and Vermeer? Then visit the Mauritshuis and enjoy world class art in a building with a homely feel.

THIS IS HOLLAND in Amsterdam

The newest attraction of Amsterdam opened this fall, and we are a big fan! In a tour you will learn all about Holland and its ambiguous relation with water. On the one hand, the water made us rich and very good with watermanagement, on the other hand, it has cost us a lot of lives. The Ultimate Flight Experience will take you all over the country, showing the most breathtaking views from above; like the tulip fields, the afsluitdijk, several beautiful palaces and much more! And yes, even though you feel like you’re flying, you are inside and will be nice and warm 😊


MOCO Museum in Amsterdam

The MOCO museum is a new museum in our capital city as well, located on the Museumsquare. The exhibition is all about the ‘Rock Stars of modern art’, with Banksy as their great pride. Do you know Banksy, the controversial graffiti artist from Bristol? This exhibition will really give you a lot of stuff to think about, while you are sipping your coffee in the posh Amsterdam South area…

Well, we hope to have given you enough inspiration for the cold months. Only a couple of weeks until spring, when Holland blooms in flowers and our favorite spring garden Keukenhof will open…

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