A Magic show in the city of Magic: Amsterdam!
Magicians at the Amsterdam Magic Show Nightlife

It’s a Kind of Magic …

Would you like to see a magic trick? Well, because our team is in for anything, we didn’t say no. But genuinely the image of magicians is not really sexy or appealing. An old guy comes to mind, who’s wearing white gloves and will attempt to pull a rabbit out of his top hat.

The image of magicians is old fashioned, childish even, and not something you would think of when you are planning a nice night out in the city. But the Amsterdam Magic Show was something new to try. This is the only magic show in the city, and it has nothing to do with the ‘magic truffles’ or, as turned out, the boring old fashioned magicians we thought.

A fine start

The Amsterdam Magic Show is an initiative of two magicians, just to see if magic would be up for a bigger crowd than just their niche. And it turned out, it was!

So there we went, to the heart of the Red Light district where a charming and intimate theater hosted the Amsterdam Magic Show: the “Paleis van de Weemoed”. This is Dutch for something like “Melancholiac Palace”, which seemed kind of suiting, for perhaps the glory days of the magicians were in the past.

After a complementary glass of bubbles and some curious glancing, the show started. The small theater was full. At least 60 people from all nationalities sat waiting for the show to start.

What magic are we talking about?

I know nothing about magic tricks, I was never particularly interested in Dereck Ogilvie or Uri Geller and am generally easy to fool. I did study Social History and was very interested in the history of magic. I never connected the historical concept of magic with magic shows, but it is kind of funny that Amsterdam has always been a center of magic in Europe. Amsterdam was the place where the most ‘occult’ and ‘heretical’ books were printed, which was absolutely forbidden in other countries. Thus it became a center of magic in highly religious times. When Amsterdam was not that religious anymore in the 1960s, it was even more the ‘Magical City of the World’ stated by psychedelic fans such as Timothy Leary. Now the Amsterdam Magic show already seems to have a head start, because the magical city needs a magical show!

What the %$#*?

The show started of with Alex, an Irish man who kept his performance really about what he was going to do: bend forks. And this was what happened: forks were bend in the most impossible ways…

Then a silent magician followed, letting napkins and other attributes disappear all over the place. This performance was funny, and though I think it could’ve been just a couple a minutes shorter and is was closest to the old image of magicians, it was an enjoyable performance and I laughed out loud.

The third magician was from Lithuania and was probably my favorite. He managed to write down the exact date plus time by the minute (!!) by randomly the audience for numbers (19:37h, 7th of March 2017 -> 7320171937). This blew me away, I mean What the ^$%&$!

A Great evening

In the break we drank a beer and were entertained by a beginning magician, who showed us some tricks with a deck of cards and a ring (I didn’t get it at all, so weird)!

Two more magicians got on stage after the break, guessing pincodes and repairing ropes which were cut in half… The whole evening I wasn’t bored for a moment, and because the show was so interactive, I think no one was.

The Amsterdam Magic show wants to be a show everyone knows and everyone wants to go to. Well, I certainly would recommend the show, it is a complete evening of entertainment for a good price!

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