A Day in The Hague

The Hague, the heart of Dutch politics and the international administration of justice. Here, the Senate, the Dutch House of Representatives, as well as the Peace Palace are seated. The Hague seems like the city of the law however, it also has another side. Here you will also find an abundance of iconic artworks. In the Maurtishuis, in the center of the city, you will find famous works of Johannes Vermeer; The girl with the pearl earring and The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by master painter Rembrandt van Rijn.

In addition, The Hague is a great city for shopping. The main shopping street is open seven days a week and offers a variety of stores and boutiques. The Passage, a historical glass covered shopping street. The Passage was built between 1882 and 1885 in order to provide a high end shopping experience. In short, The Hague offers something for everyone.

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Where Can We Find Good Food?

In The Hague you will find a large amount of restaurants that put quality first. You will find restaurants that concentrate on a variety of styles and tastes. For example, the Japanese restaurant ONI is an amazing place to try all the good food that Japan has to offer. It is located at the Prinsestraat and serves super fresh sushi and sashimi. Furthermore, you can ask them anything on how these little food artworks are prepared. Another good place to go for dinner is Instock. This restaurant has made it their purpose to fight against food waste in a creative manner.

Sweets and coffee are also widely available in The Hague. Op de Weis is a nice place where you can fetch a perfect cup of coffee. In addition this is also a good place to find gifts for family and friends. Another great place to get coffee is Het Noordeinde: The Hague Bookstore.
Een andere geweldige plek voor koffie is Het Noordeinde: The Hague Bookstore, hier voelt het alsof je koffie geserveerd krijgt in het in de bibliotheek uit een Harry Potter film. Klik op de button hieronder om meer te lezen over de leukste hotspots in Den Haag.

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Public Transport

The easiest way to travel to The Hague is by train. The central station is located in the heart of the city. In The Hague you can make use of the tram, bus and subway in order to get around town. In order to make use of public transport you need to have an OV-chipcard. This card allows you to check in and out at the entrance of the tram, bus or subway. The OV-chipcard can be recharged with an amount of your choosing. This means that you can use the card as long as you like. Click on the button below to order your own public transport card.

Up-to-date Travel Information
For information on the fastest routes and delays you can take a look at the 9292 website or download the app. The websites offer you the possibility of planning your door to door trip and offers you alternative routes in case of delays.

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Good to Know


In The Hague we use Euro’s (€). At The Hague Central station you will find a currency exchange offices where you can exchange your foreign currency for Euro’s.

  Best time to visit

The Hague is a quiet city when it comes to tourism. Even though The Hague is the heart of Dutch politics the city is mostly visited by proffessionals that visit for business.


The Dutch prefix is +31. Make sure that this prefix is in front of the Dutch number that you are trying to reach.

  Time Zone

When visiting The Hague you are in Central European Time (UTC +1).


In The Hague people speak Dutch. However, almost 90% of the Dutch also speak English.


In 2016 The Hague counted 834.713 inhabitants, which makes it the largest city in Holland.