A Day in Utrecht

Utrecht, the city known for its Domtower, its picturesque small canals and its beautiful stores and shopping streets. Here you can spend a day on gathering a new outfit and a lunch in city castle Oudaen, which nowadays has been turned into a cozy lunch café. This medieval city has kept up with time very well, yet Utrecht has not lost its authentic character in the process. For a magnificent view on historic Utrecht you can climb the Domtower. A visit includes a guided tour informing you everything about Utrecht, its urban development and history.

In addition to the old center of the city, Utrecht also has other districts that show you something entirely different. For instance, the multicultural quarter Lombok offers you a variety of coffee cafés, exotic markets and so called living room cafés. This quarter is characterized by narrow streets and small labour homes. This quarter is definetely worth a visit.

Despite the fact that Utrecht is rather small, it does offer a wealth in entertainment!

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Delicious Food in Beautiful Places

Utrecht is a city full of picturesque streets and canals. Partly because of many hip and very good restaurants and cafés have been popping up over the past years. And this continues still today. For this reason, you will find a wealth of good coffee places and  long stretched terraces along the Oude Gracht canal.

One of the many great restaurants in Utrecht is Héron. This recentely opened restaurant’s concept revolves around wildcrafting. All the ingredients used in their menu are organic and directly harvested from nature. You will not find any fresher food! Utrecht also offers great restaurants for people with a lot to spend. For instance Karel V, where your night will be fully catered by the best chefs, hosts and hostesses. But not to worry, for those who can only spend little on food, in Utrecht you do not need a lot of money to spend a perfect night out! At Meneer Smakers you will be served with amazing burgers!

In short, in Utrecht there are a lot of very high quality restaurants!


Public Transport

The easiest way to travel to Utrecht is by train. From Utrecht Central station you can make use of the tram or the bus to get to the right destination in order to visit museums or other attractions. In order to make use of public transport, you need an OV-chipcard. This card allows you to check in and out at the entrance of the tram or bus. The OV-chipcard can be recharged with an amount of your choosing. This means that you can use the card as long as you like.

Up-to-date Travel Information
For information on the fastest routes and possible delays you can take a look at the 9292 website or download the app. The websites offers you the possibility of planning your door to door trip and provides alternative routes in case of delays.

Good to Know


In Utrecht we use Euro’s (€). At Utrecht Central station you will find a currency exchange offices where you can exchange your foreign currencies.

  Best time to visit

During winter, autumn and spring Utrecht is quiet. However, during summer it can become a little bit more crowded, especially in shoppingstreets.


The Dutch prefix is +31. Make sure that this prefix is in front of the Dutch number that you are trying to reach.

  Time Zone

When visiting Utrecht you are in Central European Time (UTC +1).


In Utrecht people speak Dutch. However, almost 90% of the Dutch also speak English.


In 2016 Utrecht counted 339.946 inhabitants.