Top 5 not to miss this Summer!
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Top 5 not to miss in Holland this summer!


The Netherlands has always been a popular destination for visitors in the summer, and the summer of 2017 proves that again! Even though the weather has not been too kind on our little country, there are still so many reasons to visit Holland, for the best culture and sightseeing opportunities are right over here! Just to make sure you don’t miss out this summer, we put together a top 5 of not to miss events and exhibitions; so you will know what to do!


  1. Last Chance! “1917. Romanovs & Revolution” at the Hermitage museum

Everyone knows something about the mysterious ending of the Romanov family. This impressive exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam takes you back to the late 19th century St. Petersburg. With a mixture of beautiful art and artefacts, a magnificent audiotour and images and sound that make a real impact, the Hermitage succeeded to recreate a world where splendor and romance lie so close to hunger and horror. Take some time to visit this exhibition and learn more about the last Tsar Nicholas, his marriage, Rasputin and his poor family. Has anyone survived…?

Only until the 17th of September so visit now!

  1. New and only this summer: Hop on Hop off in the countryside of Amsterdam!

Holland is well known for its windmills and its cheese of course. Many people may not know that this typical image of the Dutch milkmaids and cheese farmers with their mills are right around the corner of Amsterdam! Hop on this new tour to the countryside and decide for yourself which of the 9 stops attracts you most. Take a tour at a real cheese farm, have some herring in Volendam and end your journey at ‘windmill village’ Zaanse Schans for instance. The audiotour in the bus will tell you about the surroundings, and the nice thing about this tour is that there are also stops that are less known among visitors, but not less fun!

Only until the 30th of September, so don’t miss it!

  1. On the third of September the Largest Flower Corso in the World takes place here!

In the South of the Netherlands, near the border of Belgium, lies a little town called ‘Zundert’. This town is known for being the home of the famous Vincent van Gogh for a while, but apart from that, it’s just a small town. Well, not the first weekend of September, for then the largest flower parade in the world takes place right over here! Check out this unmatched beauty which is even better than the parade at Keukenhof! Only one day and very popular, so get your tickets now!

Take your chance and visit the Corso in Zundert the 3th of September!


  1. Feeling nostalgic? 100 years of music at the Jewish Jukebox!

This summer, a new exhibition at the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam has been receiving some great reviews: The Jewish Jukebox. We checked it out ourselves and completely agreed. If you are a music lover, take some time to listen to some real ‘old school’ music and discover the story of a German-Jewish immigrant to the USA, Emile Berner, who invented the gramophone and the record and thus changed the world. 100 years of popular culture is exhibited through walls of covers of music records and old music devices.

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the exhibition about fauvism and surrealism, which will stop the 24th of September!


  1. Madurodam in The Hague opens a new attraction!

Have you hear of the miniature city in The Hague? Of you want to see all of the Netherlands in one day, don’t bother to try for real: just go to Madurodam! We are very excited about their new attraction, which will bring you back to the Golden Age of Holland, so get your tickets now!~




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